Wood has been the source of warmth and light since ever.

We want to maintain theses associations and add some beauty to them. Contact with this natural material has a soothing effect and gives some relax. It tones after all day and stimulates the senses. Water stays pleasantly warm for longer as wood conducts heat less. Resin has antibacterial properties and the wood itself is hypoallergenic which makes your skin look radiant.

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The Company’s idea is to manufacture products in an ecological way.

Our machines use solar energy and all our products are made like thos. It is not only a matter of creation. It is also about obtaining the process that is completely safe for the environmental protection. Balanced. Carried out in accordance with the nature.

We optimize the process, we gain knowledge from our experience

Thanks to that, we learn how the world of tomorrow may look like. This is today when we create tomorrow. We believe in changes, that is why we offer you the highest-quality products. This is the quality that builds up emotions, feelings and beautiful moments which our life is made of. Everything that is around us is the source of sensations. Let’s take care of them and make them as good as possible.

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