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We are a Polish company manufacturing wooden basins and bathtubs.

We design and manufacture products, taking into account your expectations. Wood is not material only. It is our common good. Thus, besides creativity while designing our products, we also emphasize production process balance.

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Style + Quality

Every project is based on a deep analysis of a form resulting from a function.


We start our product development process from selection of the highest-quality wood with support of experts with many years of experience. Our products are cut with use of machines. Thanks to that, orders are completed in a very short time. We work with German KUKA robots which are fast, accurate and reliable. While using the latest technologies, we work more efficiently and ecologically. Moreover, we note energy savings and we minimize loss of material which is very important to the environment.

Less is more

Having tested varnish methods and their durability, we have chosen the one that gives the best effects, including both reliability and aesthetic value. The product is varnished in multi-layer with use of environmentally-friendly preparations produced by a Italian company carrying out business activity in the shipbuilding industry – STOPPANI. They provide full watertightness and a perfect barrier against mechanical and chemical damages.

Inspiration With Nature

Implementation of natural elements in the house space may not be so easy as it seems. Flowers wither, branches crush. That is why we offer everyday products made of natural material. Our priority are projects that provide opportunities. The selection of a proper model means numerous arrangements in different interiors.

We look for the timeless usability. The forms that do well in both modern minimalist bathroom as well as retro arrangement. While we know varying tastes, we may create elements for further game of shapes, colours and shades.

Magic Material

Wood has been used since the beginning of mankind. It used to be processed differently, however nowadays it gives us the same emotions and feelings as in the past. Every beam is made of years of history. It is not only deaf material but organic matter which adds warmth to our interior and harmony in everyday life. Do you feel something more when stepping on wooden floors?